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How many times have you been told throughout your life that…

1. You need to get good grades.

2. You need to get a good job.

3. You need to work until you are ready to retire.

4. And then – only then – you can do whatever you want!

If you’ve been told all these things and subscribed to them, then I’m sorry to say…YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO! This is NOT the plan of the rich. Far from it. Now it’s not exactly the fault of your parents, teachers, friends, and some of the people you’ve got this advice from in life. Chances are, they didn’t know any better. In fact, there is a conspiracy behind it all – that this plan was deliberately concocted so ordinary folks like YOU and I would follow what I call “The Slow Lane”.

And if the Slow Lane exists, so does the Fast Lane! Yes it does.

And it’s here: Discover how to create your own wealth and if you find yourself earning too little or too slow, all the more reason you need this book.

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